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RNF class etiquette -for a safe and judgement free learning environment 

Welcome families!  


Rhythm N Flow is an academic training program providing young scholars with educational resources through a cultural lens. One of the most critical aspects of our culture, as your young scholars will learn, is understanding that each of us is part of a collective. It is imperative that during these classes, this concept is adhered to through a demonstration of respect for the teacher/elder and classmates. 


Due to virtual learning, it is the responsibility of the parent to manage student behaviors. We at RNF will not jeopardize the academic experiences for other students and families committed to the benefits of this program. 


As such, students who exhibit negative behaviors during virtual classes will be removed from the session with no reimbursement or transfer of funds and parents will be notified at first instance. Excessive abuse of our behavior policies may cause students to be blocked from future RNF offerings. 


Mama Afia and company have worked tirelessly to prepare a safe and judgement free environment where students can learn. Such an atmosphere is more important now than ever before and will be protected. 


We thank you for choosing RNF and look forward to seeing your young scholars for more exciting classes to come.